The Rampage and Massacre in Shilabo District, Ogaden

Ogaden News Agency (ONA) – The Rampage and Massacre in Shilabo District.

Ethiopian Army has staged unprecedented rampage in the Jeehdin area where they killed dozens of innocent civilians and confiscated thousands of camels belonging to the victims of this rampage.

This crime against humanity took place in Jeehdin area, near Shilabo district, on 10th Dec, 2016. and still continuous as we speak. Genocide and collective punishment is a part of Ethiopian policy to oppress Ogaden people.

There is a severe drought in Ogaden and as the famine and lack of rain intensify these people followed the areas of rain-groove and hearing meager rainfall, in Jeehdin Area where they can get pasture for their livestock.

Marauding Ethiopian troops raided from all corners and indiscriminately opened fire on unarmed civilians who were tending their camels and cattle, shooting everybody in sight. Many people are reported killed on the spot and many are injured. The Ethiopian army has abducted more than three elders whose whereabouts are still unknown.

The army confiscated 15 thousands of livestock’s, including camels, cows, and sheep. The report added that 50 camels were killed by the indiscriminate shooting of this rampage. During this barbaric mission, the Ethiopian soldier’s gang-raped and tortured the innocent civilians.

The Sources added that many people in that area flee and are not known their whereabout ,live or dead

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